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Yohay Elam is the founder of He has been into forex trading for more than 5 years and will be sharing his experiences with Fair Trading Technology’s customer base. Before founding Forex Crunch Yohay worked as a programmer in various hi-tech companies. He holds a B. Sc. in Computer Science from Ben Gurion University.

How the buddy system can improve your trading

Forex trading can be lonely. A typical day of a forex trader involves sitting solitary in front of a computer screen for long hours, reading news, analysing charts and placing trades.   Forex trading involves making lots of decisions on … Continue reading

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Feel lucky for a trade? Verify it first.

Getting emotional when trading is something that happens to everyone. When you are looking at charts, you might suddenly have a flash of something you learned or read about a currency and feel that you have a great trade before … Continue reading

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Minimizing risk by using crosses: Thoughts on trading with the news

If you are trading on news events, you may want to consider using a cross. This can help you get around the uncertainty with American releases and unexpected reactions to them.   Fundamental traders always take economic indicators into consideration, … Continue reading

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Forex Trading Tips – Learn How to Lose

Winning is the goal of every forex trader. However, losing sometimes is also an inevitable part of this battle. Even the most successful trader loses quite a few trades. The key is knowing how to minimize the losses and learning … Continue reading

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The importance of pacing in forex trading

In order to improve your trading, it is important to pay special attention to the frequency of your trading. In order to have the best control over your account, it is important to learn the value of pacing yourself and … Continue reading

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Scaling up your forex trading

Let’s say you’ve been trading for a few months now and it seems the results are quite positive. You’ve had both profitable and some losing trades, but, by applying the right risk and reward ratios (RRR), your overall outcome has … Continue reading

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Money Management

You’ve probably read about money management many times, a word forex brokers wouldn’t be unfamiliar with. Yet very few managed applying it in their day-to-day forex trading. How can you turn money management from a buzzword, into an actionable trade … Continue reading

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Withdrawing in Forex Trading

Trading forex to make money? The answer is usually yes. The next question is: When do you plan on withdrawing your profits? If you do not have a withdrawal plan in place here are some of the advantages of making … Continue reading

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Carry Trading? Beware of Overweight!

For some time before the crisis the carry trade was popular but eyed by many.  Are we seeing the return to long term carry trading in the future? Probably not. The carry trade was usually done by buying AUD/JPY or … Continue reading

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