New features of the T3 Integration Bridge 2.0

After months of development, it is finally time to present the new version of our T3 Integration Bridge. Version 2.0 introduces some big leaps over the previous version, especially when it comes to internal functionality.
During the past year, we’ve received a lot of good feedback from FX professionals through e-mails, at trade fairs and other social gatherings.
One of the biggest concerns expressed to us was that we used the comment field for our internal tracking, locking up the field for any use. This was a decision taken I made at an early phase to allow for orders to be tracked over the bridge to be able to keel all platforms in sync at all times. MetaTrader 4′s internal workings don’t allow unique global tracking IDs for orders to be stored, and just using the order ID was not enough for a bridge solution such as ours, where multiple trading platforms can be connected through the same bridge to multiple liquidity providers. That is why in past versions, we have had to prioritize storing the unique order ID in the comment field.
In Bridge 2.0, however, we have figured out a way to integrate our own unique tracking ID into MetaTrader 4′s inner workings, freeing up the comment field once again to be used by traders and expert advisors. We were again able to overcome MetaTrader 4′s limitations and deliver the features that traders have been asking for.
The T3 Integration Bridge 2.0 is more flexible than any previous bridge release, allowing more features and additional platforms to be added more rapidly. We expect this to be particularly appealing to traders as we expand into new areas such as mobile trading, social trading and even cloud-based trading.
If you have any questions regarding the new version of the T3 Integration Bridge 2.0, please don’t hesitate to contact my colleagues inĀ Technical Support.
Tanner Serifler is Fair Trading Technology’s Chief Development Officer. The T3 Integration Bridge 2.0 is now available for use in demo accounts and will be available for live trading next week.

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