Introducing truly transparent, fully verifiable forex trading

The days of wondering if your trades have reached the open market are over. Our transparent order reporting system enables you to verify every transaction with your broker, knowing that they have reached the market, clear of any manipulation, whether you use MetaTrader or Dukascopy’s Jforex client.

Screenshot of Live View
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  • Just the information you need

    Filters allow you to decide which accounts and types of information you want displayed.

  • Compare your equity

    Both your MetaTrader and Dukascopy equity is shown so you can always ensure that it is the same in all places.

  • See both position- and order-based reporting simultaneously

    MT4 trades in orders while Dukascopy trades in positions. To bridge the gap between these, our innovative Live View allows you to see both at the same time. Each position can be seen as one or several combined orders, enabling our unique live visualisation of your trades. You see what both Dukascopy and MT4 see and can quickly and easily verify that it all adds up.

  • Scalping? Loads of orders? No problem!

    It doesn't matter if you have a large amount of orders, the live view adds it up for you, displaying the relative sizes of your orders.

  • Easily see discrepancies

    There may be situations, however uncommon, where the orders in MT4 and positions at Dukascopy don't add up. These discrepancies are prominently displayed so that you can take action immediately. And our support and surveillance teams are present at all times to help you.

  • Prefer more detail?

    Our Classic view shows all your trades with the full array of stats concerning your trades. Just click the "Classic View" button in the top corner of the page.

Be sure your forex trades make it to the open market

Verify your trades, regardless of platform

For the first time you will be able to verify that your MetaTrader orders are placed on the open forex market through Dukascopy Bank. You can always verify and feel certain that what happens in one system is always replicating unchanged across to all systems at the same time.

Your own personal back office

Logging into your own personal back office is where the transparent nature of the T3 Integration Bridge really begins to show. Using our unique interface, you can see at a glance both your Dukascopy and MetaTrader accounts simultaneously. Orders can be grouped by position or orders, allowing verification of straight-through processing of all trades. Finally, the gap between order and position based platforms has been seamlessly brought together.

Why is transparency important?

Prior to the T3 Integration Bridge, Metatrader users have not been able to verify that their trades are being passed into the open forex market unhindered without spread markups or slippage. A transparent MT4 solution coupled with Dukascopy Bank's trusted ECN model creates several benefits: 

  • You always know your true cost to trade
  • Forget about reqoutes
  • You always get the best price
jForex and Mt4 verification

Verify your forex trades in MT4 and JForex

Apart from our Live View transparent order reporting system, you can always manually verify that all of your trades are reflected and synced in real time in both MetaTrader and your Dukascopy Jforex client, even with a T3 Integration Bridge demo account. 

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