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July 23rd
Learn about lowering risk and easing the FX brokers path towards increased sales and client aquisition.
April 12th
“Ideally it is often better to have a server in london and another in Zurich and so on, a solution used by the bigger players. But then again there is the problem that latency times will be longer.” Fair Trading Technologhy's CEO shares his opinion on dis…
April 8th
Brandon, Head of Sales, US, featured in e-FX. He shared his ideas on what brokers should focus on when choosing a scalable white label solution
February 5th
Retail FX brokerages now have to keep up with both increasing operational demands and external market forces in this highly active market. As the Retail FX brokerage industry becomes progressively more competitive, Heather McLean explores what mission cr…
September 28th
Writing in the FX-MM's September, 2011 issue, Fair Trading Technology CEO and co-founder Tim Haman poses the question of how the trading world should face the future, where increasing market regulation and attempts to control the flow of money ultimately …
July 12th
The road to becoming a trader may not always be straight, but a road that takes you for the ride of your life. You may end up winning, or losing, and most likely you will find yourself hooked on forex trading. Whichever way you got started with your tradi…
July 7th
I'm a MetaTrader baby. It's a term I coined for those of us who've 'grown up' in the FX Markets trading on the MetaTrader platforms. Even when I graduated from retail trading, I still found ways to trade using the MetaTrader platform. I was there for the …
January 26th
Tim Haman and Sven-Erik Carlsson from talk to e-Forex Magazine about the launch of the T3 Execution bridge that is connecting MT4 with a Swiss ECN broker
January 26th
While technological advances have literally transformed the world of forex trading over the past decade, increasingly the focus is on shaving fractions of a second off execution times to make trading faster and more efficient than was ever possible before…
January 26th
The official launch of the T3 Execution Bridge by Fair Trading Technology (FTT) last year brought an unprecedented level of transparency to FX trading. Frances Maguire talks to FTT about the need for greater transparency in FX as we move towards a new reg…
January 26th
Roger Aitken from e-Forex investigates how the Cloud Computing model operates and in what ways the pooled resources of an enterprise Cloud design can assist with the delivery of FX trading applications.

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