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With Fair Trading Technology, you'll get all the benefits of the T3 Integration Bridge for one flat fee, with no spread markups and no trade manipulation.

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This calculator gives the combined fee of Fair Trading Technology and commission of Dukascopy in USD . The fee is based on turnover so you must enter this to calculate the combined sum although the other factors such as equity also affect your Dukascopy commission.*

*Dukascopy commissions are subject to change. The calculator is meant as a guide. We cannot guarantee the calculator's accuracy in the event of rate changes. To confirm Dukascopy's rates, please see their homepage. If you have a live account, check your Dukascopy account statement for actual commissions.

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$1 per lot flat fee, regardless of turnover

We charge only a flat rate technology fee for trades using the T3 Integration Bridge: $1 per lot. This is the most transparent, easiest to understand fee structure and ensures that all traders have the same affordable access to our transparent trading tools, regardless of monthly turnover.


Positions are calculated on a round-turn basis (open and close), meaning $1 in and $1 out per lot traded. All positions, whether still open or closed, are settled every day at 21.00 GMT. For non-USD based accounts, the fee will be charged in the deposit currency.

A level playing field for all traders

We don't differntiate between higher and lower volume traders. Our flat rate ensures that every trader is charged the same per lot, no matter how much their turnover is, levelling the playing field for all traders.

No Spread Markup

The T3 Integration Bridge doesn’t manipulate or hinder the order flow in any fashion. Everything is processed straight through in the fastest possible fashion. Pricing and liquidity are therefore exactly the same as the liquidity provider.

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