Forex trading with MT4 and Dukascopy, always synced, even on the go

With Fair Trading Technology's T3 Integration Bridge, you no longer need to choose between trading platforms: trade with MetaTrader 4, an ECN—or even with mobile apps—and all your trades stay in sync seamlessly.

When Fair Trading Technology launched our T3 Integration Bridge in 2010, traders gained an unparalleled level of transparency in FX trading without compromising execution speed to the ECN market.

In the same spirit of innovation, the T3 Integration Bridge is now the world's first totally transparent MetaTrader to true ECN trading bridge with multi-way execution at the world's largest ECN, the SWFX Marketplace of Dukasopy Bank. Execute orders from MT4 to Dukascopy Bank or from Dukascopy, which are automatically replicated to MT4. Both platforms can be used at the same time, allowing you to leverage each platform's strengths.

For the first time, you can trade from the MT4 client, Dukascopy's JForex client, and Dukascopy's iPhone app and all the platforms will by synced, in real time, all the time.

Computer screen, iPad and iPhone
  • MetaTrader 4
  • iPhone/iPad appiPhone and iPad
  • JForex

Trade on all platforms, synced in real time

MetaTrader or Dukascopy? The choice is yours.

We believe that you, as a forex trader, should not have to choose between MT4 or an ECN. 

The T3 Integration Bridge allows orders to be executed from MT4 to Dukascopy and vice versa. Using the platform simultaneusly allows you to use both platform's strengths.  

Trade from anywhere

In addition to MetaTrader and Dukascopy's JForex client, you will soon be able to take the  power of the T3 Integration Bridge with you wherever you are with our iPhone and iPad apps, with realtime trading capabilities, as well as live charts and price feeds.

Metatrader - jForex - iOS

MetaTrader 4
The world's most used trading platform.

JForex client
Dukascopy's trading platform.

Full-featured mobile trading platform  

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