Reliability while saving milliseconds on every forex trade

When it comes to trade execution, every millisecond counts. From the time it takes to place your order to when it actually reaches the market, the price may have already changed. That's why we designed the T3 Integration Bridge with speed of execution in mind, to reduce slippage as much as technologically possible, all while ensuring the highest levels of both security and transparency.

Speed of execution was key in our development of the T3 Integration Bridge to reduce slippage as much as technologically possible. We are constantly refining and streamlining  our technology to remain among the fastest in the industry.

A typical forex trader may have to go from the trader's terminal to a MetaTrader server, then to a bridge and to an ECN before reaching the market, where it is executed. Using the T3 Integration Bridge, you have access to trade servers hosted in the same location as the institutions you trade with. The result is valuable seconds—and pips—saved on every trade.


Shorter trade execution times through cloud computing

Cloud computing allows Fair Trading Technology to decrease trade execution times drastically over competing products. Instead of running our bridge on one server and MetaTrader on a separate server, we operate both of them in a virtual server environment. This means both are housed inside the same server, being executed by the same CPU, which reduces internal transfer time down to microseconds instead of milliseconds.

When one server has to talk to the other, this communication can be extremely fast since the same CPU is computing for both, accessing the same memory and same disk. There is no need to go to the network, let alone a second server. The end result: shorter trade execution times.

The security of Swiss banking

Client Information Protection

At Fair Trading Technology we strive to maintain the highest standards of trust, loyalty, integrity and honesty in everything that we do and the issue of security is no different.

We offer a solution that protects and serves your best interests by using Swiss banking, which has the highest level of secrecy in the world. Your data is protected using on-the-fly encryption provided by an IIEE approved encryption protocol with no outside access.

Fund Security

In addition to customer support, Fair Trading Technology also deploys a surveillance team that monitors all order flow, looks for discrepancies and ensures full functionality of all components at all times.

You will have a security in knowing that your trading platform is up and running with the highest possible reliability and uptime, with your funds securely held by Dukascopy Bank, which is held to the highest standards by FINMA.

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