Frequently Asked Questions

Live & Demo Account Inquiries

Is it possible to access my live account on MT4 from different computers?
My demo account has expired, how do I renew it?
What types of accounts does Fair Trading Technology offer?
When I downloaded the MT4 demo client the registration form that appeared on the screen was already filled with my personal data, how is this possible?
How much money will I need to get the bank guarantee?

Company Inquiries

Does FTT offer any kind of education or advice to customers?
How is Fair Trading Technology regulated?
When did Fair Trading Technology launch it's services?
What is a cloud environment?
What does Fair Trading Technology mean by transparency in trading?
How long does the procedure take to become a live customer?

Commission & Fees

How is the commission charged?
Who is charging the fee/commission?
Is the Fair Trading Technology technology fee shown in the MT4?
What is Settlement/Auto-sync?
When does Settlement/Auto-sync occur?


How can I confirm that the spread is the same in MT4 and at Dukascopy?
Is it safe for me to trade with the Fair Trading Technology's MT4 platform?
Where do I go to change the language setting in the MetaTrader 4 platform?
I want to change my password how can I do that?
Where can I download Fair Trading Technology's MetaTrader 4 platform?
Are charts available with the MetaTrader 4 platform?
Does the Fair Trading Technology MetaTrader 4 trading platform have expert advisor's available to its users?
Is it possible to switch between my MetaTrader 4 demo account and my Live trading account?
What time zone does the MT4 platform have?
How can I view my trading history?
How do I download historical data for MetaTrader?
How come I only see four major currency pairs in my market watch?
What's the best way to save all the graphs / settings - so that they are all there when I reopen MetaTrader?
Does Metatrader show indices and commodities?
I have a different entry price and profit/loss in the Meta Trader 4 client than in the JForex?
When is settlement done?
What leverage can I use when I trade?
What is "auto-sync"?
When will auto-sync occur?
How can the MT4 account and the Jforex be out of sync?
Why do the JForex show me another entry price and another profit/loss than MT4?

White Label

I want to start a brokerage firm is the White Label right for me?

General Support Questions

Are individuals from all countries worldwide allowed to trade with Dukascopy and Fair Trading Technology?
Who do I contact when I need support?

Expert Advisors

How can I add an EA?
What do I do if the attached EA does not work?
How many EA's can I use in my MT4 client?


How long does it take to deposit or withdraw money from an account?
What is the difference between Order vs. Position based systems?

T3 Integration Bridge

What does the T3 Integration Bridge do?


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