How can the MT4 account and the Jforex be out of sync?

1. Small orders - when these are placed the MT4 does no receive enough decimals to display the exact commission. These small changes can build up over the day until the settlement and then be adjusted as "auto-sync". Your Jforex account will show the real statement throughout the day.

2. Commission not final until settlement -  If you trade a pair where the base currency is different from your account currency, you pay commission in the base currency which is then recalculated to your account currency at spot price and displayed in your statements at time of execution. However, according to the DukasCopy commission policy the settlement price will be used when commissions are finalized at settlement. Hence after settlement there will be a small inconsistency between your Jforex account and your MT4 account because of the fluctuation of price between the spot price and the settlement price which is then showing up as an auto-sync in your MT4 statement.

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