How is the commission charged?

Depending on the net deposit, equity and traded volume your commission will be set daily at settlement by Dukascopy. The commission can range from 48 USD to 5 USD per million traded depending on where on the scale your account is.

Please see the following link for deeper explanation for the Dukascopy fee system:
Dukascopy fees (opens in new window/tab)

In addition, a 1 USD per lot technology fee is charged by Fair Trading Technology.

Please see the following link for a deeper explanation for the Fair Trading Technology fee system:
Fair Trading Technology fees (opens in new window/tab)

Positions are calculated on a round-turn basis (open and close), meaning $1 in and $1 out per lot traded. All positions, whether still open or closed, are settled every day at 22.00 GMT. For non-USD based accounts, the fee will be charged in the deposit currency.

Both Dukascopy's and Fair Trading Technology's fees are charged by Dukascopy when the trade is placed and are visible in both MT4 and JForex Statement Portfolio.

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